Why the landing page is important for marketing?

Many of us have heard of the term ‘Landing Page’ when it comes to websites. It will be good to discuss here more on what a landing page is about and why is it important for marketing.

Landing page of a website is considered to be as a destination page where the visitors land when they search for that company’s website or service in search engines. Landing page is very important for running inbound marketing and lead generation. A good landing page will target special audience and promote special service. Interesting content for visitors can be promoted as free downloadable resource using a landing page. Developing landing page for websites will help to target the visitors and turn a higher percentage of your visitors into leads.


How landing page helps in lead generation


Landing page of a website makes visitors engage with the site content and thus increases site traffic. It increases the chances of an anonymous visitor to enter his information like name, email address etc. Lead generation from a landing page helps to assess whether the website traffic is right and result oriented. While nurturing the generated lead, it will also help us to analyze the lead quality and thus know whether customer is in the stage of buying the respective product or service.


A Highly targeted landing page will help to reduce the bounce rate and complete the desired action for conversion.

Landing pages are mainly of two types:

Lead Generation landing pages -It uses a webform with a call to action and it collect lead data such as name and email address.

Click Through Landing pages – They are used for ecommerce sites and have a Call to Action button.

A Quality Landing Page must have the following components.


The headline is the first impression of visitors while they land on a Website page. A perfect landing page headline can be simple and enticing.



It is important to have keywords used in the page title, headers, and text on a landing page. The major targeting by keywords increases the conversion of visitors who have come via the search engines.



The content on a landing page should explain the value of services clearly. Bullet points helps to give more clarity and splitting the large sections of text keeping it short makes the content more interesting and understanding. They help to drive traffic to the targeted pages of respective section and thus completing the call to action.


Call to Action:

A call to action (CTA) is a direction to the visitors planned to make an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as Call now, Subscribe now, Book now, etc.…



Landing page that add a related image has shown to increase conversions. An associated image provides visitors a real idea of what they’ll receive and make landing pages much more visually appealing. An image title holding your important keywords will help increase the ranking.


Social Sharing Links:

Social sharing links allow visitors to quickly share a landing page with their contacts on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter by increasing the reach of your landing page beyond the limitations.


Advantages of Landing Page


Easy achievement of Business Goals

Landing pages give a very simple way to generate leads and achieve goals. Landing pages designed with particular actions inspire people to perform the action.


Increase Brand Awareness

Using custom fonts, appropriate colors, logo in landing page keep the pages focused to branding and it generates brand awareness among visitors. It gives more information about your business and helps to develop relationship with clients.


Landing page can promote Offers

The offers will very much help the business for lead generation efforts. We can   announce an offer such as a discount for your website visitors and to avail the offer code on mail they can be asked to provide contact information. Offers can not only be in form of discount codes but freebies like eBook -Course material, free guides etc. as well.

Another example of a landing page of Jeff Bullas showing a visual representation of the offer. It also has an appealing CTA button that draws prospect attention.

Improve Conversions and Credibility


Higher conversions typically lead to getting customers and extra money for your business. Showing the success that the product or service your landing page is focused.




Let us know in comments about your experiences in implementing landing page for your business as well as the strategies and challenges faced in getting quality leads. For development of a good landing page meeting all the quality standards, we could help you in leveraging the online traffic and increase the quality of potential leads for your website.




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