Best Plugins for WordPress website

We all know about Wordpress as a free and Open source content management system. Word Press was developed in 2003 and today it has become the most preferred and recommended choice for CMS of websites. Having acquired a market share of about 33.6% in website development and 60.5 % in CMS segment it dominates Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace and Wix.

Though wordpress was more considered to be used for blog sites, it also became highly recommended for business websites, ecommerce, online forum for community, Portfolio websites, Institution websites for schools, colleges, health care, multilingual websites and many more.

WordPress users can install and switch different themes depending on their requirement and choice. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of wordpress site without altering the code or site content. Themes in wordpress are designed using structured PHP, HTML and Cascading style sheet(CSS) and when modifications are made in the code it alter the theme behavior. WordPress themes are available under both free and premium categories, where free themes are listed in the WordPress directory and premium themes can be purchased from marketplace and freelance developers.


It will be more interesting to know about wordpress plugins as well which allows users to extend the functionality of a website. There are about a half a Lakh of plugins listed in WordPress and choosing the right set of plugins and tools can help to grow an online business.


Here we will discuss about some very useful plugins for wordpress website. They are unique and used for various purposes. These plugins also help to make site secure and SEO friendly.


1.Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is an excellent plugin which leads you all the way to generate ranking on search results. It focuses on creating SEO friendly content. It also provides full control over every post, category page, meta descriptions, set targeted keywords and track using them, manage site maps and much more.

We can use a focus keyword and use this keyword properly in the text content. The Page review feature help to check about the focus keyword throughout the image alt tags, meta description, headings, and the whole content.


The best features of Yoast SEO

• Improves the way your website appears on search results with snippet preview.

• Creating enough titles and engaging Meta description.

• Enhance the click-through rates of site.

• Analyze the pages and posts, point out the areas for correction solving technical SEO issues that a website might be suffering from.

• Check for duplicate content being listed in google and with Yoast premium canonical URLs can be set.


2.Contact Form 7


The simple and free plugin allows you to skip all of the additional coding so that you can immediately create and publish attractive contact forms that will have your users filling up your inbox. This plugin enables you to create and maintain multiple contact forms, use captcha verification and prevent spam.

3.WP Super Cache


This free and simple plugin creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress site meaning that the web server will use that file rather of processing the larger PHP scripts.



Getting Your Site Faster with the WP Super Cache Plugin.

WP Super Cache using websites provide a better user experience overall. An active site helps users to browse better.


The best features of Wp Super Cache


• It improves the speed and performance of your website.

• Caching can also help decrease the load on your hosting server.

• The entire Plugin is all Free, Simple installation and configuration, Supports CDN.

4. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin, used to create an online store. It has a number of features to help improve your website with the help of an online store.

WooCommerce have available extendable shipping options. It includes the features free shipping, local pickups, flat rates etc. They can allow multiple payment methods. It is a very useful feature for the plugin.


The best features of WooCommerce

• The WooCommerce plugin is free.

• WooCommerce allows complete customization and full control enabling to add unlimited products & users.

• WooCommerce is easy to configure on WordPress.

• WooCommerce appears with a REST API to handle everything from products to orders.


5. Jetpack


Jetpack is a simple plugin which allows a wide range of various extensions, taking care of your site security, social sharing, improving site performance, optimizing images and lot more. It is developed by WordPress. It allows a lot of wonderful features for your website to be a success.


The best features of Jetpack


• Provides High security ensuring other plugins are less vulnerable to attack.

• It is one such plugin that streamlines the process of managing multiple wordpress websites with it’s manage feature.




These are some among the best recommended WordPress plugins for every WordPress website. These are more plugins providing many other features too about which we will discuss at a later point of time.


If you are already using many such beneficial plugins with amazing features, it will be great to discuss about them here. Post your comments in the box below…


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