Why Digital Marketing wins over Traditional marketing?

What is Traditional Marketing


By the term Traditional marketing, it means the conventional methodology adopted by manufacturing companies for marketing their products and services through various channels such as Television, Radio, Newspapers, Mailers, billboards, brochures, Product exhibitions, Displays, etc. These promotional and communication mediums were used to influence customers without integrating them with the online media or internet.


Benefits of Traditional Marketing


Easy to access the local audience



The traditional marketing is a great technique for engaging the local audience. This will help you to reach the local audience without any difficulty.


Channels of Traditional marketing for Promotion


Getting hard copies.


The hard copy marketing is convenient to process and recall. The target audience can be provided with the hard copies of the advertising materials like flyers and magazine ads as they can be physically carried to any place and can be displayed or distributed any time.


Easy to Understand.

It is familiar with most of the people. People are very much used to this kind of marketing technique.


Drawback of Traditional Marketing


It is Expensive



The traditional marketing methods are expensive. For example, expense for printing flyers, inserting newspaper ads involves higher expense. There also arise need to hire promoters for distributing the flyers and ads materials.



Less Engagement


The traditional marketing techniques will provide customers information about your business. But there is uncertainty about whether the customer will purchase the brand or not.


What is Digital Marketing


The process of promoting product or service through internet/digital technologies establishing an online presence for the brand. Promotion of product /service is through channels like social media, ads on the social network, websites, search engine marketing, Affiliate marketing, development of mobile apps and email marketing.

How is it advantageous over Traditional Marketing?



Cost effective



The investment in digital marketing is lower than the traditional marketing method.You can easily organize a successful online marketing strategy within your budget. A well prepared and well-maintained digital marketing campaign can reach a huge audience at a lower cost compared to the traditional marketing method.



Easy to reach the target audience



Digital marketing help to reach a huge range of audience. Digital marketing allows you to run a specific campaign related to the business, popular among the target audience. The real-time results of online marketing get immediate publicity.  The chain reaction of shares and comments enable your post to reach a new audience and earn a new visitor each time.



Tailor made content



We can personalize and bring custom changes to the content based on age, gender, profession, income and preferences of the targeted people. It helps to grab more attention.



Brand Awareness


For traditional Marketing there exist a space limit or time limit for advertisements.   

Whereas with Digital marketing you gain a great advantage of owning a website for marketing. You can put forward the idea to customers via own blog or publishing on Social media free of cost. The digital marketing helps to promote the brand by advertising it on several platforms and It helps to make a reputation on the search engines.


Some of the commonly suggested methods to enrich digital marketing and increase the organic ranking of the website:


a) Search Engine Optimization:

It is a technique used for indexing the website to achieve top rank for website in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


b) Search Engine Marketing:


This is a paid form of digital marketing and it helps to list your website or advertisement at the top position in search results. Different platforms like Google Ads, Yahoo ads, Facebook Ads and Linkedin ads are examples.


c) Social Media Marketing:


Content can be advertised on social media reaching a mass of audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Reddit and many more are the various platforms for social media marketing.


d) Email Marketing:


It is the method of sending emails to potential or current customer to build rapport so as to extend brand awareness and trust.



Real Time Analytics

The main advantage of recommending Digital Marketing is that it can track the real situation with Google Analytics. It helps to analyze the inbound traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, profit, and the general trend of the interested audience, all in real time.


Connect with mobile customers



Nowadays most of the mobile users use their phones to check for the online shopping experience. It’s an excellent advantage for business owners to focus on digital marketing. A website with a responsive design will attract more audience.



There are many more benefits of digital marketing. The next level of digital marketing seems very bright at the moment. Though business owners were dependent to traditional marketing strategy for a long span of time, now realizing the advantage of Digital marketing over Traditional marketing in terms of its large reach and a higher rate of ROI, they have relied on more focus to developments and trends in Digital marketing.


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