We create user-centric, empathy-driven and interactive experiences.

The Litehouse team’s “design-led engineering” mindset helps us build customer facing systems of engagement to deepen customer engagement, increase profitability and encourage loyalty.




Branding and Strategy

A good website is a main source for any online business success. We believe in providing the small and large scale businesses with the best collection of layouts that will be the ideal reflection of your organization.

To get in touch with people across the world and promote the product on a large scale a right branding promotion with a good strategy is important. We strive hard to offer the customers with professionally design websites that would definitely help you stand out from the crowd.




UX and Visual Design

For any online business, it is necessary to have a user-friendly website with the best oriented UI designed. The blend of UI and UX ensures smooth interaction and workflow with the customer. It is also necessary for information architecture and visual designing.

The customers who are happy with the effective UI contribute in the increased productivity of any application. We at Cordiace Solutions ensure that your business gets the highest visibility with the right objects. We deliver the best performance by making the right use of application interface.



Web Design and Development

Online presence is inevitable for almost all businesses now. Putting up a website is perhaps the easiest way to connect with your customer directly. However in order to be effective, your website should be user-friendly and must have all the information of the product and services that you offer.

The benefits of choosing a reliable web development service are many, revenue generation and good traffic being the most important. We have all sorts of latest tools and technologies that can be used to design a unique yet user-friendly website.





Mobile Apps Development

Mobile app development is a process in which the application software is created for Smart phones and other handheld devices. Our focus is to offer the best custom mobile app development with best technologies leading the market today. We cater to our customers with some value added services associated with the mobile application.

Our efficient team has the ability to create an app of any complexity and provide the enterprise with the best mobile solution at the best possible value. We look forward to making the business processes simpler.



Software Development

Whether you have recently started your business or you need to upgrade it to next level we can happily serve you with the best software development services. We can help you with the services to analyze a business, conceptualize, make the prototype for the development and deploy the product in a right way for the right solution.

At Cordiace Solutions, you get quality assured services with a high-class software solution. We have successfully developed software solutions for various clients with a high level of commitment and technical expertise.





SEO and Online Marketing Solution

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for every business that needs to connect with the customers through their website. A good website will gather more traffic and will help to generate better revenue.

An effective marketing solution involves a proper blend of content development and SEO Services. To let your customers know about the product and services that you sell you need to promote your website. SEO audit of your website is mandatory for proper referencing by the search engines.