Single Page Application

Single Page Application

A single-page application(SPA) is a web application or Website that belongs to one single page. It has dynamically rewritten the content on the current page rather of loading another page.

Single page application are built using JavaScript and this is one of the great advantages for the user experience because it is easy to navigate. To create responsive applications, the SPA uses AJAX and HTML5. The frameworks of JavaScript like Angular.JS, React.JS, Vue.JS, Ember.JS are used to build single page applications.


Examples of Single Page Applications


• Gmail

• Google Maps

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Google Drive


Advantages of Single Page Applications


Making the experience faster to the user: SPAs load all required code in the browser at once, then dynamically refresh without ever reloading. The user does not experience any kind of interruption while using SPA.


Offline support: The application works faster and content on the page changes dynamically as the need appears. Since only data is transmitted over the wire, less bandwidth is used and the transfer of data is also fast. The SPA stores data locally which means the data can be used over the application even in offline mode.


Reusable: SPAs looks like an app than a website- therefore. It’s simpler to make a mobile application because the developer can reuse the same backend code for web application and mobile application.



Easier to Development: Single page application development is simplified  There is no need to write code to render pages on the server.  The back-end code of the SPA can be reused to develop a native application.



When should require a single-page application?


• A single-page application is required. if you would like a deep communication between the user and your application.


• Notifications, data streaming, and real-time charts require the use of this approach.


• one can improve accessibility for users with slower internet connections by simply displaying the static HTML content upon request.


• The server-side rendering method can improve the situation for load-times, as well as give some necessary readability for users without JavaScript enabled.


Popular frameworks used to build single page applications


Angular JS

The most well-known open source SPA framework. It is a mature library for the most difficult and particular web applications. Developers also prefer AngularJS for SPA as they are needed to write lesser code and the applications can be easily managed and computed as per business requirements.



Knockout is an open source JavaScript framework that is simple and fast. Being lightweight, Knockout is perfect for dynamic shopping carts, computing business calculations, etc. Knockout also has an outstanding desktop and mobile browser support so that the single-page application can be access anywhere and anytime.



React has a great library that helps to build the applications including the single page applications. The framework has a powerful code base to build high scale applications that function well in high resources.




Single Page applications become popular today. In the regular life many of them using this application without knowing. Single page applications offer a fast user experience by avoiding the interruptions caused by following page loading from a server.


The single page application technology is suitable to build data managed business applications. If you are looking to build a fast, compatible cost-effective application, single page application is the Perfect.



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