What are Chatbots?

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are applications that are built to automatically engage with the messages that are received from visitors of the website. Chatbots can be programmed to reply at any time differently to the messages that include specific keywords. It uses machine learning to understand text and voice to provide answers that suit the situation.

Chatbots integrated into various chat and voice support platforms are transforming the way people communicate with the digital world. The sequence of the technologies will dramatically improve our understanding of the World.


How do ChatBots work?


A ChatBot has an intent, With each intent are associated with a set of replies. The bot chooses up one of these replies and sends it to the user. This way of answering give a more natural feel to the bot and help to sending exact and unique answer for each time.


Chatbots can be divided into two types


Scripted and structured – These chatbot operating on hard-coded questions/answers, have a smaller database and ability. They can answer only questions to specific instructions.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) – NLP translates human language into data with a sequence of patterns and text that can be mapped in real-time to find suitable responses.


Important features of chatbots


•Chatbots provide support to the information on products or services
quickly and efficiently.

•Chatbots entertain customers by providing them funny tips and at the
same time educate them.

•Chatbots steer the prospective customers towards landing pages,explainer videos etc thus creating engaging experience.

•Chatbots enhance social experiences. Chatting with bots also helps to avoid loneliness, gives a chance to communicate without being judged and develops conversational abilities.

•The innovation of chatbots sparks curiosity. People want to examine their strengths and to try something new.


How does it help for business?


Accurate Customer service

If the company receives a lot of queries, chatbots can take the role of a customer support team. It can handle simultaneously communications with people are contacting you, every single one of them will be replied immediately.

Helps to Save money

A lot of employees need to be paid more but chatbots are a one-time expense which supports businesses reduce the number of staffs. Customer support chatbot in the business simplifies the complexity of customer queries.

Accessible on Multiple Channels

Built once and spontaneously makes it accessible on multiple channels like websites, Facebook messenger etc.

Real-time Analytics

Chatbots can manage without an upper limit. By using chatbot solutions business can access new markets. We can also use the feedback from failed communications to train the bot to reply better.

Help in Lead generation

Chatbots have the capability to produce better leads for any business. It helps to automate tasks to be done regularly and at proper time.

Uber, Pizza Hut, etc… are examples of leading brands using chatbots to revolutionize.




Automation technologies act as an important role in the Digital World. The present implementation of chatbots in the industry offers businesses. Based on the particular needs and desired goals, some chatbot technologies are more relevant than others. The chatbot business solution improves the brand’s reputation and accurate support service to customers. Invest in developing a chatbot for your business and be the Immersive, Interactive, and Automated experiences in Digital World.

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