Software Development

Whether you have recently started your business or you need to upgrade it to next level we can happily serve you with the best software development services. We can help you with the services to analyze a business, conceptualize, make the prototype for the development and deploy the product in a right way for the right solution.

At Cordiace Solutions, you get quality assured services with a high-class software solution. We have successfully developed software solutions for various clients with a high level of commitment and technical expertise.

Development process

It is a critical stage of software development for which we use the effective development methodologies. We work on Agile and Waterfall which are trending in the market. We can accordingly help you to implement the project in the best possible manner and create a detailed software specification. Our development process offers transparency which means the clients can have a good knowledge about the project status. There is also a predictable delivery service that is given by us. It means we offer a consistent sprint schedule of around 4 weeks so that new features can be easily delivered. As the Sprint comes with a fixed duration, early deployments can be taken care of with ease.

Quality Assurance

Our next step is to make sure that we give the same quality that we preach. Our team of quality professionals is always on their toes to find mistakes in the product to ensure that quality never comes as a bargain. Product delivery as per the schedule is given the utmost importance. Starting from the design to the implementation, quality is always taken care of in the various phases of development to ensure client satisfaction. We encourage client participation in our quality team to find mistakes even when the software is in the development phase thereby reducing the delay.

Master in Different technologies

Be it .NET, Java, PHP, CorePHP, C++, MySQL and JS we have experts in almost every possible technology available in the market today. This diverse expertise helps Cordiace to develop solutions without any limitations of technology application. Years of experience behind our trained staff act as pillars in our confidence to offer you the best solution in limited time.


This is another important step that can be a critical part of the entire process. Our team ensures that there is a seamless integration of the software with your system whether it be CRM, ERP, and ECM. For integration, we make the right use of new tools and technologies. Our focus is to transfer, transform and migrates the data using the right integration tool. This can help in different integration associated services such as to clean the data, to analyze the data, and to run the extract. The services associated with integration are mandatorily included in our package to help you minimize down time.