Does Online Presence Help Business Potential

Does Online Presence Help Business Potential?

A tourist looking for a restaurant pulls out the phone, searches for the nearby restaurant, looks through the reviews, books a table and navigates to the place all in a few minutes. The restaurant doesn’t buy or sell anything online but has online presence. Similarly, a handicrafts seller has no resources to advertise but has a humble social presence. A good word here and a five-star review there catapults him to great heights of success. All because of their online presence!

In this technology enabled world quick availability and easy access to products and services are the backbone for the success of any business. The availability of several gadgets which can be connected to the World Wide Web has made it nearly mandatory for any business to have online presence in order to cater across geographical boundaries and time zones. The online presence allows people to find a business, understand it, read through the reviews, look at the FAQs, and eventually build enough trust to become long-time customers.

Some of the reasons emphasizing the importance of online presence for a business are:

Quick Availability

The businesses which are available online have a major advantage over their offline competitors. They sell faster and wider as they are easily accessible. There is no business hours limitation for online shopping and time of the day is a redundant concept for the web community. Online platform is a virtual point of doing business with a very large customer base 24×7.

Whether it is a basic requirement to be fulfilled or a million-dollar investment to be made, decisions are based on information taken from the web. Businesses with an online presence providing complete information to a customer are sure to win. Mobile friendly and responsive website and tools further strengthen the reach of a business raising the satisfaction index of a customer and making them a return customer. Their feedback and recommendations are highly valued in online communities.


A business with online presence providing updated information about it gives the customer the much needed confidence to buy, sell and invest in a product or a service. The customers can browse through data and get whatever information they require. They can compare businesses, share feedback and take informed decisions. A business with no online presence is considered by many as technologically unsound and less trustworthy.


Various social media platforms provide a fast medium to stay connected with customers. Spreading a good word and containing a bad word through active social media presence can enhance a business!


Internet provides a borderless world where companies can do business across the world. The scope of business improves giving a face and a name to an otherwise anonymous entity. A business could be located in a small corner but can go places with online presence. A few good reviews about the business build an image irrespective of their size and location.

Cost effective

Online methods provide interactive and cost effective ways for businesses to better sell themselves. The online marketing platforms enable a wider reach for businesses to targeted customers based on factors such as age, earnings and lifestyle. This is an inexpensive and effective way to offer customised plans and promotions to existing and potential customers. Online presence improves the visibility spectrum of businesses and never lets them out of sight of the customers. This allows for long term growth and profitable business. Investing in right tools and strategies for crafting online presence is one of the most important business investments.

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