UX & Visual Design

For any online business, it is necessary to have a user-friendly website with the best oriented UI designed. The blend of UI and UX ensures smooth interaction and workflow with the customer. It is also necessary for information architecture and visual designing.

The customers who are happy with the effective UI contribute in the increased productivity of any application. We at Cordiace Solutions ensure that your business gets the highest visibility with the right objects. We deliver the best performance by making the right use of application interface.

Our use of the best RIA technologies ensures quick response. Having been in this field for a long time, we believe in delivering the results with simplicity. Our team is dedicated in creating an effective and interactive user experience.

Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience also known as CX is a unique product which is used as a mode of interaction between a customer and organization. It is one of the essential sources that connects the organization with the customer and accordingly allows the business to offer the services. The interaction includes product awareness, customer’s needs, cultivation and the services uses. There are different levels such as emotional, rational and spiritual at which the customer’s involvement is considered. With our latest tools and technologies, we create the best customer experience design that can be used by the business.

We help our clients to understand the needs of the customers and accordingly design the entire systems that would completely transform the user experience. We have the best professionals from legal; IT, sales, and designing that together analyze and think of the best ways to engage the customers.

User Experience Design

The work process of visual and graphic designers is completely different from that of user experience designers. The User experience (UX) designers focus on the efficient ways to make the site interactive.

Our team of UX designers undertakes the job to create visual blueprints, wireframes and information architecture. That is how we look forward to keeping your online presence organized so that the users who come across your site find it easy to use. We also offer the details on your site such as product information and services offered. Our job is to identify the value of the business and evaluate different ways to deliver the best user efficiency.

Design and Prototyping

With new tools and technologies coming up every day, the use of 3D prototypes is gaining popularity too. It is created before the product sales are started at the mass rate. With such type of prototype services, your business will be able to create a components model which can later be used as a finished product model. Our team at Cordiace Solutions is into this field for quite a long time and has been creating different prototypes in a professional way. Whether you want simple sketches or the professional 3D sample, we present to you the solution.

Experience Evaluation

Experience evaluation allows the company to know the experience of the customer with regards to the service they offer. This is an extremely important part of the business offering. We at Cordiace, enable the company to gather feedback of their packaging, service, ease of usability and reliability services. We build online tools for our clients which makes the process of experience evaluation swift and easy.